bcreations jewelry

this is where it all started.

being a redhead, my aunt used to call me "copperknob" when I was little. I had no idea what copper was, so my dad took me out to the garage and showed me some copper wire he had stripped from electrical wiring. I was instantly obsessed! when i took a jewelry design course in college of course i wanted to work with copper. i've always been attracted to Black Hills gold and the beautiful blend of colors, so when i started to create my own pieces i would mix the metals of brass, copper and silver to recreate that blend. much of our jewelry designs are inspired by music, and chasing your dreams, no matter how big. Each piece is hand-stamped and hand-crafted from beginning to end, so there will ALWAYS be a variation from the pics shown. No two are ever alike. See something you can't live without? SHOP HERE NOW :)