Custom Designs

Because we have over 28 years of graphic design experience, we can take your business to the next level with a custom designed logo and branding. Love our tee designs? Let us create a custom design for your business, organization, school or event! We can take your existing logo and create a gorgeous, custom super soft tee for your staff or for your clients to buy! Need a tee for a school fundraiser? We have that covered too. 

We can create custom jewelry designs too! Handstamped pieces make perfect bridesmaids gifts.  And guess what? We also do custom calligraphy! Addressing is our specialty, but we can create calligraphy for wedding invitations, logos and more. 

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See below for a gallery of our custom designs. 


Lucky Girl Vintage

We refreshed the existing logo and added Lucky Girl, the cat! WE then branded tees, hoodies, price tags, shopping bags, various labels and more!

Lucky Girl Vintage

Wanting something for her male customers, we were asked to create a logo for a men's tee. Lucky Girl the kitty made it on this one, too :)

Boysen on the Bosque

Designed for a custom furniture maker in Clifton, Texas. The Bosque River flows nearby and was the inspiration for the name and logo.

Mama's Mundel Bread

Keeping with the family tradition, Mama's Mundel Bread's logo needed to stay with the feel of a recipe that has been handed down to the next generation so we kept mama in the logo. Branding for labels and advertising as well.

Worthy's Run Furniture

Another custom furniture maker who named his business after his beloved Labrador, Worthy. Branded for tees, hats and a custom brand for the furniture.

Reel Life Fishing Charters

Our client recently earned his captains license and started a fishing charter business on his boat.

Tee Designs

Barbells & Whiskey

Westminster Strength & Conditioning holds a weightlifting competition each spring with a barbeque and whiskey tasting afterwards. We designed this unisex tee for all the competitors.

Instructor tee

Instructor tee for Extreme Pole Fitness Studio

Student tee

the instructor tees at Extreme Pole Fitness Studio were so popular, we designed one for the students to purchase.

Westminster Strength

Women's only tee design for gym members to purchase

Westminster Strength

Women's only tee design for gym members to purchase.

Custom Jewelry Designs

Stamped Necklace

A dear friend of ours started an animal rescue and we designed a handstamped necklace for her to sell at her events. All our proceeds are donated back to the rescue!

Stamped Necklace

a gift for a weightlifting friend :)

"In Pie We Crust"

The best pie on earth is Royers Pie Haven in Round Top, Texas. We met Tara, the "Pie Queen" on a trip and the rest is history. 

"Remember the Alamode"

Another design for Royers Pie Haven in Round Top, Texas

"Eat. Pie. Love."

Our most popular design for Royers Pie Haven in Round Top, Texas.

Stamped Necklace

Graduation gift for a very talented musician.